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Nose Aesthetics without Tampons

Nose Aesthetics without Tampons

Without Tampons Solution for Nose Aesthetics!

The most preferred aesthetic application in the field of aesthetics is those in the field of nose aesthetics. Many of us want to have a rhinoplasty to solve the problems they have with both aesthetics and our nose. But he was worried because of the few issues he encountered here, and even he gave up rhinoplasty, even for his health.

What is Nose Aesthetics Without Tampons?

But over the years, many issues that caused anxiety to have been resolved thanks to the steps taken in the fields of medicine, science and technology. One of them was the insertion of a tampon into the nose in traditional rhinoplasty surgeries. The tampons made the nose of the patients look big, and the swelling and bruises were more. It also prevented the patient from breathing. Open or closed rhinoplasty was recommended when they applied to specialists for reasons such as nasal arch, collapsed nose, very wide nasal wings and narrow nasal bone angle, nasal tip deformation or low nasal tip. Now, those who apply for the same purposes know and prefer the Without Tampons Nose Aesthetics. Since no tampon is used in this technique, its name is referred to as Without Tampons Nose Aesthetics and it is a kind of Laser Nose Aesthetics Technique.

Before having a tampon-free nose aesthetics, a front and profile picture is requested from the patient. You can also do this by sending it digitally without coming to our clinics (link). Our specialist doctors prepare the final version of your nose by considering the necessary design.

How is Nose Aesthetics Without Tampons performed?

Silicone splint is used instead of tampon in Nose Aesthetics without tampons. Support tape is used instead of plaster. The advantage of silicone splints is that they do not obstruct the nose and that the patient can breathe comfortably after surgery. After rhinoplasty surgery, a silicone splint is placed inside the nose. These splints are removed within 2 to 3 days.

How is it after a without tampons nose surgery?

Keeping the head elevated for the first few days after surgery minimizes swelling. The head should be kept up and relatively stable while sleeping. Avoid strenuous activities such as aerobics and running, nose should not be blown, constipation should be protected, and excessive facial expressions such as laughing should be avoided. Soft foods should be consumed, and the mouth area should not be tired. Blood-thinning foods should not be consumed. It may take several weeks to return to strenuous activities.

You can take a bath 3 days after the operation.

It is easier to wear wide-necked or front-opening clothes, wide hats, and wearing lenses instead of glasses. During the first month, the nose should be protected from the direct effects of sunlight and protective creams should be used.

Follow-up and care is very important after rhinoplasty surgery. You should report any progress to your surgeon, such as excessive bleeding, unexpected swelling, fever, or severe pain. For techniques such as massage, nasal sprays or small drug injections that resemble cortisone during the healing process, or for techniques that will further improve the desired result, you can only get approval from your doctor and ask him to do the application.

It may take up to 3 months for the new nose shape to settle after rhinoplasty.

Breathe Healthy for a Healthy Life!

Thanks to the Without Tampons Nose Surgery made with laser, patients can leave the hospital on the same day, recover faster and do not suffer from pain.

Buffered Nose Aesthetics:

  • Offers a chance to recover with a laser without tampons.
  • Breathing problem is eliminated.
  • A shorter recovery period is needed.
  • It is performed with local anaesthesia.
  • The bruising and swelling that may occur in and around the nose passes in 4-5 days.
  • After 8-10 days, normal life and work can be resumed

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